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Concealed carry vests are ideal for those who want a discrete way to carry a handgun. However, buying one can be tricky since there are numerous features to look for in a concealed carry vest. This article will look at the most important ones to help you determine which vest is best for you.

A great vest should have enough carrying capacity to allow you to carry your concealment and your most important stuff. The vest should have the main concealed carry pockets and extra slots for your ID, badge, gloves, phone, and credit cards.

The carry vest should also have an accessible concealed carry pocket to allow a quick draw. The pocket should accommodate a compact or a full-size handgun and extra ammo.

Concealed carry vests are available in various fabrics. There is leather, pu leather denim, cowhide, polyester, cotton, and cotton-polyester blend. Vests that are made of leather are durable and popular among bikers. However, the material is not stretchable or breathable, making the vest unsuitable for hot weather. 

Most lightweight vests are made from either cotton or polyester. These materials are light and breathable, making them perfect for hot conditions. They are also water-resistant and durable. They allow a full range of motion and more flexibility than leather or denim vests.

The fabric used hugely affects the weight of the vest. The lightest vest is made from polyester, while the heaviest is leather. A heavy vest will weigh you down and make it evident to others that you are carrying a concealed firearm.

Remember, your vest is going to carry weapons and ammo. So, if it is made from a heavy material, adding firearms will only make it heavier. Therefore, if you will carry a heavy handgun, opt for a lightweight vest such as a polyester or cotton vest.

Choosing a concealed carry vest that complements your fashion style is critical. If you like a more casual look, opt for a casual vest since it is functional and discrete. And, if you prefer a formal style, get a tactical vest that is durable and has a professional look.

The vest must also have a comfortable fit that allows a range of motion. If the vest is too tight, it will strain your neck or limit your arm movement. On the other hand, if the vest is too loose, it will also make it evident that you are carrying a concealed firearm.

A great concealed carry must have a strong holster backing to hold the firearm in place, so it does not move around. It can be made from Velcro, elastic lining, or snap buttons.

Regardless of the material, the holster backing should be adjustable so that it fits the gun perfectly. It should also be easy to unclasp so that you can draw the weapon faster.

There are a lot of features to look for in a concealed carry vest. However, these five are the essential ones. They will help you choose a carry vest that is lightweight, functional, and durable.

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