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2022-07-29 21:56:42 By : Ms. Alice Xu

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by: Angela Watson, BestReviews Staff

by: Angela Watson, BestReviews Staff

Boxing is great for anyone who wants to expend some energy in a healthy, controlled manner. For kids, the sport can help them develop essential life skills, such as collaboration, sportsmanship and self-discipline. However, as with any physical activity, injuries are not uncommon. A reliable pair of kids boxing gloves can help ensure your child’s safety and drastically reduce the risk of injury. With that in mind, the best gloves are the Liberlupus Kids Boxing Gloves.

Whether they’re for adults or children, boxing gloves are designed specifically to protect the hands and wrists while boxing. They usually have more support and padding throughout to help prevent acute injuries, such as sprains.

There is more than one type of boxing glove for kids. The most common options are:

Boxing gloves for kids are often measured in overall size and weight. Getting the proper fit is vital to preventing hand or wrist injuries. Gloves that are too large don’t provide enough support or protection since the hand can move around inside of it while boxing. But gloves that are too small can restrict movement, keep the wearer from closing their fist or even cut off circulation. And, if they’re too heavy, they could cause further wrist strain.

If you’re looking for the right size glove, wrap a flexible tape measure around the child’s hand below their knuckles to get the circumference. This will also be the approximate size needed for the glove.

One of the best ways to protect a child’s hands from injury is by choosing gloves with proper protection and wrist support. Boxing gloves should have enough padding to handle the impact of punching bags, held pads or sparring. Some of these gloves have removable foam pad inserts that can be used to get a customized amount of protection.

For wrist support specifically, choose gloves with one of the following two closures:

Boxing gloves for children and adults both usually consist of the same types of materials.

Without reliable stitching, boxing gloves can start to break down or tear from the seams. This can cause the padding to shift, which reduces the amount of support the gloves provide and increases the risk of injury. The more durable gloves have heavy-duty stitching, often made from nylon thread.

Kids boxing gloves don’t have to be basic in design. Many are visually appealing with distinct patterns or colors. Go for something that matches the child’s personality and interest, but make sure it’s still durable and provides enough protection.

Boxing gloves for kids generally cost around $15-$30, though prices can go up based on the size and type.

A. It’s possible to start boxing as young as 3 or 4 years old. At this age, it’s best to limit the child to non-contact activities, such as form or technique.

A. Most boxing gloves last a year or two with regular use. If they’re starting to show signs of wear and tear or the padding isn’t staying in place, upgrade to a new pair.

What you need to know: Meant for kids ages 3 to 15 years old, these boxing gloves are great for punching bags or handheld pads, sparring and kickboxing.

What you’ll love: They have thick padding, especially around the knuckles and thumb webbing to reduce the risk of injury. They also have a simple one-piece design that makes them comfortable, convenient and safe to use.

What you should consider: These gloves are best for novices.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Kuyou Pu Kids Boxing Gloves

What you need to know: Designed for kids ages 3 to 9 years old, these boxing gloves are perfect for those getting started with the sport.

What you’ll love: They have excellent padding and a Velcro closure that makes putting them on and taking them off easy. They’re also comfortable, easy to maintain and practical. Plus, they come in green, blue or red.

What you should consider: They’re best for training purposes rather than competitions.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

What you need to know: Versatile and supportive, these high-quality gloves offer maximum shock absorption and protection to kids.

What you’ll love: These gloves have a hook-and-loop Velcro wrist strap that’s easy to adjust and supportive. They’re multipurpose, meaning they can be used for boxing, sparring, Muay Thai and more. They’re available in black, red, blue, green, pink and orange.

What you should consider: The sizing is a bit off, so it might be best to size down.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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